For Elizabeth

I have some bad news, to be frank. My friend and classmate Elizabeth was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor a few weeks ago. She underwent a successful surgery, but it will still be an uphill battle over the next year or so. On the day of her surgery, EVERYONE at Montrose wore bandannas as our way to support her, and just about everyone still wears them. It’s amazing how everyone at Montrose dropped everything and prayed for her, and so many outside of school as well. So far she has at least one person praying for her from every continent except maybe Antarctica, but my neighbors are going there soon, so I’ll definitely ask them to. And if everyone could pray for her as well, I’m sure she would appreciate that. 

I know this is short and badly written, but I’ve never been a good herald of bad news. Pray for Elizabeth!!

Happy New Year!!!

Boring title, I know. My apologies, per normal. 

New Year’s Eve was quiet for me, but that is also the norm. My family watched a movie and an episode from season six of The Office (wonderful show, by the way– we are all addicted), and then went to bed. At least, a few of us did. I stayed up in my room, counting down on my watch, and had a (supposedly) awesome idea. I would JUMP at the time of 11:59.59, and LAND at the time of 12:00.01, so I would be COMPLETELY AIRBORNE between years. Crazy and slightly weird, yes, but I was tired. I jumped, and it was cool anyway. 

So, in honor of the glorious 2013 that is upon us, I will share a few resolutions. 


  1. Break 30 seconds on the 50 freestyle for swimming
  2. Earn solid grades
  3. Create time enough to take piano lessons again, or at least play a bit on my own
  4. Be happy, have fun, and make life really nice for others!!!

A very abbreviated list, yes, but that is all I thought was really worth mentioning. Best to start out small, too, right? 

Moving on. I uploaded a few pictures onto the computer from my wonderful new CAMERA, and I thought, “Perhaps I should show my dear readers what my camera looks like!” But of course, it is impossible for a camera to take a picture of itself. HOWEVER, this obstacle has been averted with the help of something called a MIRROR. So without further ado, I present the FIRST PERSONAL PICTURE from MY CAMERA taken INSIDE MY HOUSE to be ON THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I do believe I’m a right sight too excited. No matter. Look, there it is!!!)



Pardon the slight halos on my fingers – that is the MIRROR’S fault, NOT my darling camera’s!!!

This wonderful piece of technology will be implemented heavily in the future, let me tell you. All sorts of memories will be treasured and kept… pictures I will gaze upon as an eighty year old woman, in a nursing home, saying to the other old ladies, “look, these were taken when I was fourteen… how young I was then!” And they would then ooh and aah at the primitiveness of the camera from their hover wheelchairs. 

Alas, I am carried away. Again, Happy New Year, Happy 7th Day of Christmas, and keep your eyes peeled for the photo project I wrote about. Suffice to say I’m more than a bit behind on it, but IT. WILL. BE. POSTED. That I can promise. Perhaps not for a while, but it will see the light of day (or the Internet, really) someday! 


Happy Holidaaaaaays (cool ’50’s four-part jazz chord)

And what a wonderful Christmas it was!!! I am now safely and happily and stress-freely on winter break, much to my tired brain’s content. Gifts are strewn around the house, there is an abundance of chocolate almost everywhere, and the tree is lit in all its splendor. Now, if only it would snow, and the winter scene would be perfect. 

Since I received an absolutely wonderful camera for Christmas, this may personalize and increase the number of pictures on this funny little site. Hopefully this will make things a right sight more entertaining. I have a mini project in progress that I will share in a few days’ time. I do hope it will turn out quite nicely, but photography is a new-ish art to me, so nothing guaranteed. ANYHOO, long story short, pictures should become a regular part of this site, once I figure out the darn Nikon-to-computer transfer software, which seems incredibly complicated. The installation guide is telling me that I need to close all applications before installing. I guess that means the Internet, so I’ll sign off for now, hopefully returning with pictures!!! 🙂

Frog Therapy

So tell me…



How do you feel about that?


Always the portly, kind, caring creatures willing to chat, listen, and admire the world from a lily pad. I think we all need a bit of frog therapy around this time of year. 

No school tomorrow! Most wonderful. Very full day today. Classics Day at BU was really nice but tiring. In fact, so tired I can barely talk in complete sentences. I think I’ll go to bed early tonight. To those who are mad they have to go to bed early (namely, little children): Realize how awesome sleep is. Value it while you have it, because once you reach high school… Sleep tends to be elusive. 

Singing, Stress, and Spirit (and maybe some Latin)

Two of which are wonderful, one of which is not. 

Today at school, the entire high school chorus convenierunt (Latin for “they came together” – I’m starting to think in an ancient language, no joke) to sing our songs for the upcoming Christmas concert. Usually we are in two groups – the ninth and tenth grades have music together, same with the juniors and seniors – but today was the first day we actually sang as a whole group. It sounded glorious, heavenly, angelic – mainly due to the incredible musical talents of the juniors and seniors. I guess we little fresh(wo)men and sophomores need to work on our pipes. 

Still, it was so much fun. We, the small group of fresh(wo)men soprano ones, clumped together, sang our little hearts out, and effectively botched the high notes. Together. 

Stress: the major theme of school right now. As vacation is in roughly FOURTEEN AND A HALF DAYS, we are entering crunch time for schoolwork. Namely, a Biology research paper, a Literature essay, a Math test, a US History test, a Biology quiz, and tons and tons and tons of bone-crushing homework. (Actually, we finished the bio paper, but I thought I’d add it because a) we don’t have our grades back yet and b) it makes my workload seem much more formidable) Add on top of that numerous A Capella gigs/rehearsals, Handbell Choir rehearsals, swim practice and meets, physical therapy, and supposedly newspaper and literary club, but I honestly don’t have time for either right now. Hopefully everything will come to an abrupt STOP once vacation starts, or at least calm down a bit. I’ve been thoroughly sleep-deprived these last couple of days. Ah, the wonderful Montrose life. Gotta love it. 🙂

And about SPIRIT: CHRISTMASTIME AT MONTROSE HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do not realize the importance of this message, let me fill you in: Decorated rooms, decorated poles in the cafeteria, cookie decorating, decorated foyer, inter-school Secret Santa, Advent wreath at Mass, class skits, the traditional Grinch movie-watching, Christmas concert music in Chorus, and Montrosians literally decking the halls with boughs of holly (falalalalalalalala). ‘Tis really the moooost wonderful tiiiiiiiime / of the yearrrrrrrr. Montrose is truly the place to be for holiday-prepping. 

And about that Latin… I’m going to Classics Day for the JCL (Junior Classical League) at BU tomorrow, where we will skip a day of school (with the Latin teacher’s consent, of course) to attend lectures about such things as mythology, architecture, culture, wars, monsters, etc. Basically, it’s what “classy” (pun intended :P) people do. It heightens one’s state of class to such classy means that they become too cool for classes and have to attend lectures to learn about the Classical Ages. While listening to Classical music, because that too is exceedingly classy. 

Pardon the deviation. I think I used just about every possible definition of “class,” including an overlap. Please comment if I missed a meaning. And yes, I am aware that a lecture is indeed a form of a class. I had no other use for such a meaning. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddd this talk of Latin has just reminded me that I STILL HAVE  AN ASTOUNDINGLY APPALLING AMOUNT OF LATIN HOMEWORK LEFT. Sigh… off to work! I must be well-versed in Latin before I attend any classy Classical classes (hopefully with Classical music for a state of maximum class) tomorrow!!! 







Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… unless you have someplace to be

Will you look at that! It’s snowing on my blog!!!

A big thank-you to my friend Abbles, who alerted me to this on HER blog. 

Happy winter, holidays, etc to all concerned! (Because it’s summer in Australia, really) Fill all hearts with cheer and song! And pray for real snow, because the continual grey-ness of not-yet-winter is really not very festive and could use a change!!! 😀 



How I Hate Voicelessness…

Wow. That title sure seems epic. 

Ah, well. Truth to be told, it is but a homely case of sore throat. Perhaps a mild croup. Whatever it is, it sure as heck is annoying. 

Today at school has been not that pleasant, voice-wise. Raising my hand in class was out of the question. Lunchtime chatter was also uncomfortable, as to make myself heard, I had to raise my fragile voice to an unbecoming croak not unlike a bullfrog’s soliloquy. It hurt, too. 

Worst of all was Mass. Not being able to sing hymns bothered me to an extent that I found quite surprising. I tried singing once I got home, but that was even worse. It was almost traumatizing that I couldn’t control my voice. Alas, one ray of sunshine comes from this dreary post: I found that mild croup, while absolutely detrimental for singing pure high notes, actually increases one’s voice’s likeness to Adele, or perhaps Bonnie Raitt. While I haven’t really explored my lower range before, singing with a sore throat forced my hand and actually was rather interesting. 

Really, I shouldn’t be singing at all. It probably is lowering my chances of a quick recovery. 

ANYway, I’m kind of tired and this post is going to seem really quite odd when I look at it a week later. But, as I have found out, I get my craziest ideas late, late at night, and sometimes, ideas are interesting enough to be shared. And perhaps…

Now I truly am rambling. Hopefully, tomorrow my voice will be better. A day talking like a toad was slightly fun, just for the feel of having a different voice, but I definitely like my normal voice better. 

Thanks for listening to an unedited, unproofread (not even reread, actually), sleep-deprived, egotistical post! 🙂

Hello Again, Deserted Readers



First of all, I could say my absence since the day of I-don’t-know-when was due to busy schoolwork, scheduling, activities, my computer dying and me needing to get another one and consequently losing all my bookmarks (and therefore neglecting WordPress), and other post-delaying obstacles, but that would be untrue. Yes, yes, yes, there are kernels of truth in all of those, but the main reason I haven’t been posting is due to laziness at first, and then utterly inexcusable forgetfulness. So I am sorry, dear readers. I know I have said it before, and I probably will say it again, but I sincerely apologize for not posting for an undefined amount of time.

With that said, I will move on to more interesting topics. I know, nobody likes reading apologies. And they are nothing new on my site, anyway. (For that I am sorry, as well – apologies for apologizing :P)

Yesterday was THANKSGIVING!!! Wonderful, wonderful holiday. After gathering with relatives, we tucked in to a fabulous feast with scrumptious squash, bountiful beans, marvelous mashed potatoes, succulent stuffing, and of course the tantalizing turkey. After recovering from our food-induced comas, we set about demolishing perfectly pleasant, pleasing, palatable pies paired with amazing a la mode and wondrous whipped cream. 😀 Wonderful dishes, all. The conversation was just as nice, and afterwards we switched between watching football and Punkin Chunkin, the annual pumpkin hurling contest in which catapults, air cannons, and trebuchets chunk pumpkins as much as three thousand feet. Rather impressive, I must say.

I am currently out of school until Monday, which is nice, because teachers aren’t allowed to give homework over Thanksgiving break. Usually long weekends mean extra homework, but not on holidays! 😀 I still have a few days of stress-free bliss, and then back to tests, quizzes, homework, classes, activities, and general mayhem. Gotta love high school.

Yes, this is not a full catch-up on what I have been doing for the last couple of months, but it is a start for posting again. As soon as I can find some fresh and interesting ideas to post about, this site will be up and running again, as I’m sure there is something better out there for me to write about than half-baked updates and apologies. 😛

Thank you to all readers who stick with me despite my unfaithfulness to my little site! Smiles to all! 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂 😀

A Tribute to My Aunt

       On Christmas Eve of this year, my severely disabled aunt Maria passed away. The funeral and wake was yesterday, and a few readers of my blog told me I should post my poem that I wrote for her that was said in the service. Here it is now:

Marias Poem

Life for you,

We know,

Was hard in your later years.

Never able to fully express yourself;

Never able to say what is needed through words.

Younger years did portray content,

From lying under beds and sitting on laps,

And those memories we take with us.

And now,

We know,

You are infinitely whole.

Heaven is your home now,

And at last,

You rest in comfort.

The people you have known who have passed on,

You see them again.

You now can tell them

How much you love them

How much you needed them

How much you thank them for taking care of you.

And now

What we see as only an end,

For you means infinite life

And a beginning greater than words.


       We miss you, Maria. Journey to Heaven safely. 



Happy New Year, everyone!


~The Author