Some of my favorite things, plus other random stuff

okay, here are some websites that I recommend visiting:
They all have their different subjects, but I hope they will be enjoyed! In the meantime, I will talk about something else…

I am an informal writer. This means that I just write when I have inspiration. I do not have anything published, and I don’t know if I ever will. I feel that I am too young (12 years) to publish anything in book form, even though younger people have done it. I do attend a writers’ club, book group, and I have a tiny slice of Wattpad (see in list of sites), though. I also have some poems on Microsoft Word, because my parents say they might be stolen because they are so good. I am doubtful, but I obey. If you want to read my works on Wattpad, type “Narcoleptic Polar Bear” into the search box. Come back to this website and give me feedback in comment form, please! I just like to know what people think. 🙂

Sooooo…. I would tell you more about myself, but I do not want to give out personal info. I will just list some of my favorite songs, bands/musical groups, books, movies, and maybe some other stuff that might randomly cross my fancy to write. Here goes:


  • Firework ~Katie Perry
  • Eternal ~Evanescence
  • Missing ~Evanescence
  • Down to Earth ~Jem
  • New Divide ~Linkin Park
  • Impossible ~Shantelle
  • The Lark Ascending/Fantasia on Greensleeves ~Vaughn Williams (I think)
  • Movie soundtracks in general


  • Evanescence
  • Jem
  • (Sometimes) Linkin Park
  • (Sometimes) Talyor Swift
  • George Gershwin (Show tunes of back then! Fun!)
  • Vaughn Williams (I think that’s how it’s spelled)


  • The Penderwicks/The Penderwicks on Gardam Street
  • A Mango Shaped Space
  • Eragon series
  • Maximum Ride -first two books, after that I don’t like it so much
  • Countless others, I have a mind blank right now (But seriously! I read a LOT!)


  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban
  • Avatar
  • Terminator ( the one with young John Conner, I haven’t seen the others)
  • Lord of the Rings- all of them!!! Go Middle Earth!!!


Random Words/ Thoughts

  • FUZZY!!!!
  • FUZZLES!!!
  • chipmunk
  • ice cream cookie
  • “little piggy flies to moon,” screams headlines
  • I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly

Okay, it’s late. I should stop now. Bye!

~Love from the author 🙂


Thoughts About My Post

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