Feet vs. Flippers (by Sir Seal Wanderbeck)

If feet are fine,

Then flippers are divine.

I will never see what humans see

In bumbling clumsily around

On two skinny legs.

Give me three fine flippers

That let me flow

Like the waves themselves

Slipping through the water

In a never-ending dance.

So if you ask me to change to legs

To travel places on land

You will receive a solid



4 thoughts on “Feet vs. Flippers (by Sir Seal Wanderbeck)

  1. dancer1098 says:

    how eloquently put!

  2. dancer1098 says:

    NPB, your blog will be read, I wish I known about it sooner!

  3. I love your writing!! I am a friend of your Aunt Nancy, who is so proud of you and who knew I would love your poems — and I do! I am a poet, too, and I hope you will always listen to the voice inside you that inspires you to write — it is the best part of yourself! You have a wonderful talent and a sweet, cheerful voice… keep writing and good luck! I will come to you for an autograph when you are a published author!!! Kate Connors, Holliston MA

  4. Patrick says:

    Well, we’ve already proven you wrong in that your blog *will* be and *has* been read!

    Keep it up. Good stuff!

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