HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAY WE ALL HAVE A LOT OF FUN IN 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF THE WHOLE 2012 THEORY IS CORRECT, THEN WE HAVE JUST UNDER TWO YEARS TO DO SO! So go out and do whatever you want to do! If you want an audio/visual to get motivated, I would suggest Last Holiday, which is a movie about a woman who is told she is going to die in three weeks, so she goes out to a great hotel and blows all of her money having fun. I saw it with my friend, and it was a great movie.

Well. This vacation has been so much fun! I got together with one of my friends for three days! We didn’t sleep over or anything, but one day we decided to see each other, and had so much fun building a snow fort and sledding that we decided to do it again the next day! And since her younger brother’s birthday was the day after that, I was invited to go roller blading at Roller Kingdom, which was so much fun! Then we had pizza and went sledding at the biggest hill I have ever sledded on. It was lots of fun, but a little painful (I hit a bump and hit my head, but it didn’t hurt that bad). So, to sum it up, this vacation was one of the better winter breaks I’ve had.

Last night, I had a weird but nice dream. I was floating with some other people amid floating Japanese lanterns with candles in them, and they were really pretty, all painted with gold and blue and red and pink and yellow! I just remember how happy I was to be flying, because I always wanted to fly. I don’t know what it meant, but I was inspired and changed my website theme to what you see now. I like it!

Now, I am having some technical difficulties.  Could anyone tell me via comment how to get my categories at the top of the page with Home and About instead of pushed over in the side like they are now? It would be appreciated! Thank you!

~Love from the author, who loves smiley faces 🙂



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