Exams= Not Fun!:(

I have mid-terms this week. Last week on Friday, I had my Ancient Civilizations and Religion tests. On Tuesday, I had Math and Science, which I do not expect high marks on. Today is a study day, and tomorrow I have Language Arts and Literature. Then Friday is a free day to let us fully realize we are free from the stress and so we can possibly go out and celebrate the happiness. Then semester 2 starts! I have 2 new classes: Art and Gym, to replace Music and Technology. I am looking forward to them, but I will miss my old special subjects.

To catch up with me in the dream world, I have started a dream notebook to record subliminal night events, and also I made a rather tangled dream catcher, which is supposed to give me good dreams and increase dream recall. Results have been patchy, but I think I made the holes in the dream catcher too big, because I do not think sledding and badly wiping out or being caught in an abandoned Western town count as good dreams. I know I stretched the instructions to making the dream catcher a bit to make it easier to assemble, and seriously I do not own leather or suede strips or know how to knot the web properly, but I thought that it would still work. Apparently I thought wrong.

But all in all, I am happy right now. Last night after swim practice, me and some other people ran outside in our bathing suits, rolled around in the snow, and ran (or walked, on lifeguard’s orders) back to the pool area and jumped in the hot tub. So much fun! 🙂

~Love from the author


3 thoughts on “Exams= Not Fun!:(

  1. abbles says:

    You don’t need dream catchers-ur dreams are fun to haer about now!

  2. abbles says:

    i hate midterms too

  3. Patrick says:


    Maybe after you see this you’ll dream of billions of insects in the air.

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