Camp Mattakeesset

Camp Mattakeesset is the camp that I will be going to on Tuesday. It is a sleep-away camp that runs for five days, and I have heard that it is AWESOME. It is tightly connected to my school, so there will be many friends of mine there. I have also heard from said friends who have gone before (unlike me, because this is my first time) that there is a zip-line that goes into the water, which seems positively invigorating. What’s better than a wicked rush of adrenaline, flying for a few seconds, and then splashing down into the water?

Of course, since I have not seen the thing, it may be just a pleasant ride and not a thriller. But it’s a win-win situation! Either way guarantees fun!

I will now launch into a rave about my favorite book. Do not question my change of tacks so quickly. 🙂

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME (or at least at the moment) is called Divergent, by Veronica Roth. It’s REALLY complicated, so you need to read it to actually understand it. There is supposed to be a whole series on it, but only the first book is out. It’s set in future post-war Chicago, and there is peace at the moment because everybody agreed that they would do all they could to prevent war. Some people blamed selfishness for war, some blamed stupidity, others blamed dishonesty. So, to prevent war, they split up into five groups, each celebrating one virtue: Amity (peace), Candor (honesty), Erudite (intelligence), Abnegation (self-denial and offering to others) and Dauntless (bravery). There’s this girl named Tris who is born into Abnegation. She’s the star. Now go read the book to find out what happens next, because frankly, I don’t do a very good job of explaining it! But the book will remain, at least for the time being, my FAVORITE BOOK. It was recommended to me by my good friend Elizabeth, who liked it even more than The Hunger Games. Anyone who knows Elizabeth knows this is a big deal, then. THANK YOU ELIZABETH, IF YOU EVER READ MY BLOG, FOR TELLING ME ABOUT DIVERGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the book cover for Divergent:

can't wait for sequel!


So, that’s me, giving you two posts in a row!!! I’m getting better at this sort of thing!!!

~The Author


10 thoughts on “Camp Mattakeesset

  1. abbles says:

    That does sound like a big deal.

    • i totally agree! though i haven’t read the third book yet. i started reading it in the bookstore but i think the store didnt like that so i put it down. i also saw this thing on youtube where these people acted out Katniss and Rue in Rue’s death scene. they wanted to audition for the movie and were going to send in that clip. It was SO SAD!!! and scary. and a little (make that a lot) bloody. but it looked very professional and they got everything exactly right.

  2. abbles says:

    Also.Camp. We are 8th graders now, the oldest campers. Therefore we are allowed to go on the zipline. into the water.

    and, of course, the Giant Swing.

  3. HamsterHueyndaGooeyKablooey says:

    That book sounds very interesting ms. Narc Polar Bear.

    • Why thank you, HamsterHueyndaGooeyKablooey, for commenting on my blog! It is nice to know that it is reaching more people.

      By the way, did you choose your name from Calvin and Hobbes? Actually, don’t answer that. I know you did. 🙂

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