Brock’s Dubs

Hello, Reader(s),

I am posting today so I might reveal to you the wonders of Brock’s Dubs.

First of all, there is this guy on YouTube. Named Brock. Brock Baker. He does dubs (short, FUNNY videos). And he does them well. This guy has been nicknamed “The Man of a Million Voices” because he can really make his voice change into really funny voices. I think he became famous with his parody of “Friday” by Rebecca Black. If you don’t know who she is, consider yourself lucky. Get ready to hear me scream. THIS GIRL IS THIRTEEN YEARS OLD AND HAS BEEN ABLE TO PUT OUT SONGS ONLY FOR THE FACT THAT HER PARENTS ARE FILTHY RICH. THIS GIRL HAS NO TALENT WHATSOEVER AND STILL SHE MANAGES TO GET A DEAL BY BRIBING THE RECORD COMPANY. SHE HAS AT LARGE RECEIVED AN EXTREMELY  NEGATIVE REACTION FROM THE PUBLIC, MYSELF INCLUDED, AND WHEN SHE SAYS, “EVERYONE HATES ME BECAUSE I’M FAMOUS,” WELL, I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU, REBECCA! NOBODY HATES YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE FAMOUS. YOU ARE FAMOUS BECAUSE EVERYONE HATES YOU!!!!!! I apologize for ranting. Back to Brock Baker.

So he made a parody of her song, and everyone LOVED it. Yes, it did contain a single swear, but it was necessary for maximum hilarity.

Brock then continued to make these dubs, some parodies, some just random funny stuff. Some of it does contain language, but it is not over the top, which is a good thing, and when used, it is used for humor, not just for the sake of swearing. If you decide to look them up, you have been lightly cautioned.

My absolute favorite dub is a parody of the Royal Wedding, where he voiced over the original speech. If you want to look it up, search “Brock’s Dubs the royal wedding” on YouTube, and be prepared for plain funniness. Some other great ones are: My Jeans by Jenna Rose, Crappy Housewife, Mafia Babies, Friday by Rebecca Black, and My Moment (another Rebecca Black song – I use the term loosely).

So this is my post for today. If you decide to watch them, it is advised to watch the original video first, because then it makes it all the funnier. Have fun!

~The Author


4 thoughts on “Brock’s Dubs

  1. abbles says:

    o……k…… mg
    Im watching Harry Potter 5 and i love it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nice! um, should i delete this post?

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