Describing Camp Mattakeesett

Hello. Yes, this is inexcusably late. Life goes on. BUT I will now backtrack and get around to telling you about Camp Mattakeesett.

  • Giant Swing: They strap you into a harness, everyone pulls on a rope, you go up to what feels like a thousand feet in the air, then you have to let go of this rope that is keeping you connected to the other rope, and you go FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Water Tubing: You  get on a motorboat, they drive it to the middle of the lake, they throw a pancake-shaped inflatable thing with handles overboard, you and another person get on it, and they drive the motorboat FAST and turn sharply so you hit the wake wave and go FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Zipline: Unfortunately we didn’t get to do that because they deemed that you could only get seven people to do it in one hour, therefore too time consuming, so nobody got to go FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Trapeze: You climb at tree onto this little platform that feels like a thousand feet up in the air and you JUMP OFF. Oh, yeah, they also give you a harness attached to a rope that catches you so you don’t go splat. But you still go FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Food, Campfires, Games, Art and Crafts, Boating, Swimming, Cabins, Counselors: All awesome. Especially the food and my cabin and counselor. We had the BEST CABIN EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mainly because we all went flying together. No, actually, there were different reasons, like how we could play tricks on our counselor (Brooke) and she wouldn’t get mad at us (or her little sister Bailey, who gave us really great pranks to play on Brooke), and how we stayed up late talking, and how we worked so well together, etc.

So you can see that we did a lot of flying together. And other stuff. Here are some awesome pictures: 

        I can assure you that I had SO MUCH FUN there. The perfect way to end the summer! Now, of course, you will be badgering me about school, but UNTIL THEN…
~The Author

One thought on “Describing Camp Mattakeesett

  1. abbles says:

    ❤ it! I still havnt got my camp mattakeesett photos up so i cant post about it yet 😦

    GO RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST CABIN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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