Just a Regular Update

Hi everyone!

So I’m just gonna give an update of the last few days:

  • I am invited to a classmate’s Halloween Costume party – don’t know if I am going to go or not, I don’t know what I am doing that day
  • Cross Country Running ends in two weeks (can’t wait!)
  • Shin Splints (aka muscles in my legs separating from the bones) still hurting as much as heck from aforementioned Cross Country – Does anyone know any cures? Comments concerning this are much appreciated. 🙂
  • School is fun, Homework is NOT.
  • Swimming starts next week
  • Middle School Musical coming up – going to be doing HONK Jr. (aka The Ugly Duckling) – I would like to try out but I can’t as I have a million and one other things to do
  • Found a blog that is AWESOME – It posts one awesome thing a day – for a daily dose of awesome click here: http://1000awesomethings.com/
  • I’m thinking of uploading a few of my stories on this website – what say you, devoted followers?

So that’s the going-ons in my life at present. Hopefully my next post will be more interesting. I might enlighten you all about Foohy…

~The Author


One thought on “Just a Regular Update

  1. reese's human mom says:

    I would love to see stories or poetry, sayeth one of your devoted followers!

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