New Theme!

Hello, Ye Devoted Followers!

I (as you can probably tell) changed the theme of this funny little site not ten minutes ago. How does everyone like it? Hate it? Love it? Wish this theme was never even created? Tell me what you think and I’ll design accordingly. I, for one, and in love with the gorgeous swirl designs up there at the top ^^. And the color. The theme name is “Dusk to Dawn,” so if you scroll down to the bottom, you will see that it is pale, just like dawn. So pretty! Sorry, I’m in a slight fantasy mood at present.

So. I have taken up writing letters to my future self. I just write a letter, put it away in a drawer with a date, and when I come to that date, I open it. It is an odd thing to do, but I enjoy it. It is especially fun to ask things that have yet not come to pass (for example, “how did you do on that math test, MaryGrace?”), and to ask advice from your future self, who is wiser and more experienced than you, simply because they have lived longer. Ugh. Thinking about time gives me a headache, but in a nice way, as thinking about this stuff is really cool.

I found out that today is my half birthday. Actually, I’m not sure if it is exact (some months being 30 days, others 31, etc), but it’s October 13, and my birthday is April 13. So it is (in theory, in the MaryGrace world) my half birthday. Fun!

I found this really cool video about math and nature. I do not think it is entirely correct, but cool nonetheless. Here’s the link: . While you’re there, check out Flixxy’s other awesome videos (all inspirational, fun, or mindboggling). It’s really nice.

So I believe I have rambled on long enough, so I will now bid adieu and finish this post. Bye!

~The Author


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