I’ve Got a Poll for You!!!!!!!!!

SO. While exploring more of WordPress (which I recently found out that I actually don’t know that much about, even though I have a BLOG on here, for Pete’s sake :)), I discovered that I could make POLLS. Imagine that. So I am going to try one out here, and hope it goes well. Here it is: the one, the only… hold on a sec, let me figure out HOW to put it on a post… yes, here it is!!! Click on the little buttons to– never mind, I’m sure you know how to operate a poll. Have fun, and COMMENT!!!


3 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Poll for You!!!!!!!!!

  1. If any of you were wondering, I put my own answer on this for Firefly. Best TV show EVA! Too bad they only aired fourteen episodes… šŸ˜¦

  2. abbles says:

    like it! I’ve seen the polls but havent done it yet (should I?).

    btw ā¤ the flying pic!

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