Just a Regular Update


So Halloween, for me, wasn’t too exciting. I just went with my brother to a friend’s house and we played games. And hid in the bushes when Trick-or-Treaters came around, then surprising them by materializing. And then we went “Wandering” which is to say, unofficially “stopped by” a few houses wearing masks, and, oh, probably picking up some candy on the way. There was one house that was completely decked out, which took Halloween to a whole new level. It was fun there, but many other houses lost power, so not many lights/sound effects/fog machines/etc. were used. But it was still fun.

At school we Ghosted each other via message board. Everyone was assigned two people to ghost on Friday and Monday, and you were supposed to receive two on those days by different people, but on Friday I only received one ghost, as the other’s little sister had eaten my candy, as I learned. On Monday I received only one, but the other one came late on Tuesday because the other ghost had been sick, I think. Also, on Monday, we were REQUIRED to dress up, and I was Pippi Longstocking, with Mr. Nelson, my monkey. There was a Haunted Hallway, put together by the Juniors, which was actually quite well done. There was also a costume contest, and Catherine in my grade won for the middle school, as a guest at the Royal Wedding (Yes, the hat was there, too). Overall, it was quite pleasant, and made the week go by faster, and I am currently awaiting the weekend. Nothing is planned, but I. Need. A. Break. (aka, Medieval Renaissance test today and quiz tomorrow, Latin quiz Monday, Physical Science test split Monday and Tuesday, Religion test Tuesday, Math quiz today (which I did NOT know about!!! 😦 I think I did okay, though) PLUS regular homework, which is also really heavy). Sorry for cluttering up this blog with my never-ending complaints.

Swimming has started again, and I go on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for about two hours a day. It is AWESOME!!! though a lot more strict than last year. We even have land training, which did not exist before now on our team. Tuesdays are the really hard-core and tiring days, and Thursdays are the strategy days. Our first meet is in Concord, next Saturday.

So. Not much more to be said. Since they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll just stick a random Internet picture here:

Have fun, Kitty!

~The Author


One thought on “Just a Regular Update

  1. abbles says:

    lol ❤ the pic INTERMS R UP!

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