A Tribute to My Aunt

       On Christmas Eve of this year, my severely disabled aunt Maria passed away. The funeral and wake was yesterday, and a few readers of my blog told me I should post my poem that I wrote for her that was said in the service. Here it is now:

Marias Poem

Life for you,

We know,

Was hard in your later years.

Never able to fully express yourself;

Never able to say what is needed through words.

Younger years did portray content,

From lying under beds and sitting on laps,

And those memories we take with us.

And now,

We know,

You are infinitely whole.

Heaven is your home now,

And at last,

You rest in comfort.

The people you have known who have passed on,

You see them again.

You now can tell them

How much you love them

How much you needed them

How much you thank them for taking care of you.

And now

What we see as only an end,

For you means infinite life

And a beginning greater than words.


       We miss you, Maria. Journey to Heaven safely. 



Happy New Year, everyone!


~The Author


Thoughts About My Post

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