For Elizabeth

I have some bad news, to be frank. My friend and classmate Elizabeth was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor a few weeks ago. She underwent a successful surgery, but it will still be an uphill battle over the next year or so. On the day of her surgery, EVERYONE at Montrose wore bandannas as our way to support her, and just about everyone still wears them. It’s amazing how everyone at Montrose dropped everything and prayed for her, and so many outside of school as well. So far she has at least one person praying for her from every continent except maybe Antarctica, but my neighbors are going there soon, so I’ll definitely ask them to. And if everyone could pray for her as well, I’m sure she would appreciate that. 

I know this is short and badly written, but I’ve never been a good herald of bad news. Pray for Elizabeth!!

3 thoughts on “For Elizabeth

  1. Molly :) says:

    ❤ this is SO nice, MG! ❤

  2. anonymous says:

    Hi! Thanks for posting this. We all know this means sooooo much to Elizabeth and her family

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