Happy New Year!!!

Boring title, I know. My apologies, per normal. 

New Year’s Eve was quiet for me, but that is also the norm. My family watched a movie and an episode from season six of The Office (wonderful show, by the way– we are all addicted), and then went to bed. At least, a few of us did. I stayed up in my room, counting down on my watch, and had a (supposedly) awesome idea. I would JUMP at the time of 11:59.59, and LAND at the time of 12:00.01, so I would be COMPLETELY AIRBORNE between years. Crazy and slightly weird, yes, but I was tired. I jumped, and it was cool anyway. 

So, in honor of the glorious 2013 that is upon us, I will share a few resolutions. 


  1. Break 30 seconds on the 50 freestyle for swimming
  2. Earn solid grades
  3. Create time enough to take piano lessons again, or at least play a bit on my own
  4. Be happy, have fun, and make life really nice for others!!!

A very abbreviated list, yes, but that is all I thought was really worth mentioning. Best to start out small, too, right? 

Moving on. I uploaded a few pictures onto the computer from my wonderful new CAMERA, and I thought, “Perhaps I should show my dear readers what my camera looks like!” But of course, it is impossible for a camera to take a picture of itself. HOWEVER, this obstacle has been averted with the help of something called a MIRROR. So without further ado, I present the FIRST PERSONAL PICTURE from MY CAMERA taken INSIDE MY HOUSE to be ON THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I do believe I’m a right sight too excited. No matter. Look, there it is!!!)



Pardon the slight halos on my fingers – that is the MIRROR’S fault, NOT my darling camera’s!!!

This wonderful piece of technology will be implemented heavily in the future, let me tell you. All sorts of memories will be treasured and kept… pictures I will gaze upon as an eighty year old woman, in a nursing home, saying to the other old ladies, “look, these were taken when I was fourteen… how young I was then!” And they would then ooh and aah at the primitiveness of the camera from their hover wheelchairs. 

Alas, I am carried away. Again, Happy New Year, Happy 7th Day of Christmas, and keep your eyes peeled for the photo project I wrote about. Suffice to say I’m more than a bit behind on it, but IT. WILL. BE. POSTED. That I can promise. Perhaps not for a while, but it will see the light of day (or the Internet, really) someday!