Snow, Vacation, and the Week of Celebrating at My School

I absolutely love snow! Today there is a small chance of it, because there is supposed to be a Nor-easter (at least I think so) on Sunday. My friend is leaving on a trip today to a very warm place, so we were gently teasing her about missing all of it. But I think she is more happy than sad to go to the place were her cousins and relatives live.

Sigh… I’m so glad to be on winter vacation!!! My brother doesn’t get out of school until two days before Christmas, so he is very jealous of me. I think his school won’t be doing any real learning this week, so maybe he is more lucky than I because he might just have five straight days of parties and movies and all that fun stuff. Our school had lots of fun, too, because we decorated homerooms, poles in the cafeteria, put on Christmas skits, and exchanged Secret Santa gifts. On Monday, my Secret Santa gave me a cute little doll dressed in winter clothes. I named her Genevieve, even though she doesn’t look French. I gave my Secret Santa (A girl in eight grade, one grade above me) a GIGANTIC cookie and a pack of instant cocoa. It goes on like this, until by Friday, you give a 10-20 dollar gift with your name on it. It yields much merriment, and I think it’s the perfect way to celebrate Christmas at my school.

~Love from the author, who really would enjoy someone to visit her website 🙂