How I Hate Voicelessness…

Wow. That title sure seems epic. 

Ah, well. Truth to be told, it is but a homely case of sore throat. Perhaps a mild croup. Whatever it is, it sure as heck is annoying. 

Today at school has been not that pleasant, voice-wise. Raising my hand in class was out of the question. Lunchtime chatter was also uncomfortable, as to make myself heard, I had to raise my fragile voice to an unbecoming croak not unlike a bullfrog’s soliloquy. It hurt, too. 

Worst of all was Mass. Not being able to sing hymns bothered me to an extent that I found quite surprising. I tried singing once I got home, but that was even worse. It was almost traumatizing that I couldn’t control my voice. Alas, one ray of sunshine comes from this dreary post: I found that mild croup, while absolutely detrimental for singing pure high notes, actually increases one’s voice’s likeness to Adele, or perhaps Bonnie Raitt. While I haven’t really explored my lower range before, singing with a sore throat forced my hand and actually was rather interesting. 

Really, I shouldn’t be singing at all. It probably is lowering my chances of a quick recovery. 

ANYway, I’m kind of tired and this post is going to seem really quite odd when I look at it a week later. But, as I have found out, I get my craziest ideas late, late at night, and sometimes, ideas are interesting enough to be shared. And perhaps…

Now I truly am rambling. Hopefully, tomorrow my voice will be better. A day talking like a toad was slightly fun, just for the feel of having a different voice, but I definitely like my normal voice better. 

Thanks for listening to an unedited, unproofread (not even reread, actually), sleep-deprived, egotistical post! 🙂