Happy Holidaaaaaays (cool ’50’s four-part jazz chord)

And what a wonderful Christmas it was!!! I am now safely and happily and stress-freely on winter break, much to my tired brain’s content. Gifts are strewn around the house, there is an abundance of chocolate almost everywhere, and the tree is lit in all its splendor. Now, if only it would snow, and the winter scene would be perfect. 

Since I received an absolutely wonderful camera for Christmas, this may personalize and increase the number of pictures on this funny little site. Hopefully this will make things a right sight more entertaining. I have a mini project in progress that I will share in a few days’ time. I do hope it will turn out quite nicely, but photography is a new-ish art to me, so nothing guaranteed. ANYHOO, long story short, pictures should become a regular part of this site, once I figure out the darn Nikon-to-computer transfer software, which seems incredibly complicated. The installation guide is telling me that I need to close all applications before installing. I guess that means the Internet, so I’ll sign off for now, hopefully returning with pictures!!! 🙂