Things to Do When Bored

  1. Make a dreamcatcher
  2. Design blueprints for an awesome fort/treehouse
  3. Make that fort/treehouse
  4. Learn to knit
  5. Rewrite a famous story with a new character
  6. Count the books you own
  7. Clean your room. WELL.
  8. Create inspirational sayings and leave them in public places (school halls, in library books, anywhere)
  9. Invent a recipe
  10. Create a soap opera with your stuffed animals
  11. Create a “Bored Box” and put little slips of paper in it with ideas to do
  12. Learn how to dream
  13. Go outside and watch the clouds while having a picnic
  14. Follow an ant or a bug around the yard to see what its real life is
  15. Write a song
  16. Write a letter to yourself to be opened on your next birthday
  17. Learn all about Feng Shui and then make your room Feng Shui
  18. Get a pet rock and let it live in a shoe box
  19. Create mini stories, jewelry, or pet rocks or something and sell them
  20. Make lists on what you want to do in your lifetime
  21. Enhance superhuman powers
  22. Make some jewelry
  23. Try to play a board game by yourself
  24. Sit on your bed and write down where your mind takes you
  25. Create a book of story starters
  26. Find out ways to make money
  27. Make an inventory of all or many of your belongings
  28. Find an Altoids tin or something like it and create a “Pocket Bored Kit”
  29. Style your hair in a completely absurd fashion
  30. Cut out some snowflakes and make a mobile out of them, or just make a mobile out of something
  31. Draw a cartoon
  32. Repeat a word until it loses its meaning
  33. Speak with an accent all day and see if someone says something about it
  34. Be Indiana Jones and run around your house going on adventures
  35. Be a detective and solve a made-up case

That’s all for now, but there will be more!

PS Research “things to do when bored” on Google and take a look at the ensuing lists!

One thought on “Things to Do When Bored

  1. dancer1098 says:

    I like 15, might as well, my birthday is soon!

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